Hi there. I’m Itziar, with tz,
product designer for a
digital world.

I specialise in designing the strategy to represent customers and market needs from user perspective, and currently, I collaborate as a freelance in international teams using agile methodologies for companies in different sectors, including fintech, insurance, trade shows and events, among others.

Mutua Madrileña


The project involved the development of a new application for Mutua Madrileña, a renowned brand in the insurance and services sector. The company aimed to launch an application that would enhance the utilization of services available in the group’s buildings.

The objective was to create a home page within the application that would aggregate all the services and provide users with information about the benefits of the building they were in.

The application was developed using an agile approach, following MVP methodology to establish a solid foundation for future growth. The project was completed within a remarkable three-week timeframe, prioritizing core functionality and user experience.

Mixie Digital Solution


Mixie Digital Solution was presented as a solution for the bilateral exchange of information between users and companies at trade fairs and events as a result of the 2022 pandemic.

In this project formed by two interconnected web apps I have worked on the entire product design with the ultimate goal of generating business intelligence and market reports.

DLG Connect


DLG designed a platform with the intention of creating a «social network» for the agricultural sector but the results did not meet the company’s objectives.

Our mission was to redesign the platform to respond more effectively to the needs of the market and to make the interface more user-friendly and intuitive.

Get to know me better!

I have worked in innovation departments, advertising agencies, marketing departments and strategic consulting. I currently collaborate as a freelance and am looking for an exciting long-term project, with growth prospects and a very multidisciplinary team.

I enjoy getting fully involved in projects, that is because I am interested in opportunities that allow me to be highly involved in the entire process: from its conception and understanding to its creation and introduction/growth in the market.

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